D-Day hour by hour: UTAH Beach on D-Day

First Allied troops to land: US 4th Infantry Division, led by 8th Regimental Combat Team.

The Germans had flooded the area behind the beach. The US advance inland was only possible along a limited number of causeways.

Objective: To gain a beachhead, leading in time to the capture of the Cotentin Peninsula and of the port of Cherbourg.

01.15 - 01.30 – The main body of the US 82nd and 101st Airborne Divisions begins landing by parachute and glider inland. They occupy German defenders and begin securing the exits from UTAH Beach.

04.30 – The Isles St. Marcouf, offshore, are occupied.

05.55 – Guiding craft for the landing force is sunk; remaining ships head off course.

06.30 – After an effective air bombardment, the 8th Regimental Combat Team lands to the south of the intended sector, on a lightly defended beach.

06.40 – Almost all DD (swimming) tanks land successfully. Light opposition is quickly dealt with. The beach defences are mostly cleared by high tide.

08.00 – Brigadier Theodore Roosevelt orders in follow-up troops. He is later awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor.

09.30 – Beach exits nos. 1, 2 and 3 are secured.

10.00 – Six battalions landed, including follow up troops – 12th and 22nd Regimental Combat Teams. The La Madeleine strongpoint and the beach exits are captured.

12.00 onwards – Pouppeville is captured; the link-up with the airborne forces is made. US troops gradually fan out to Beuzeville au Plain and Les Forges.

Sufficient space has been gained for the continuing smooth build-up.

24.00 – The troops who landed on the beaches have reached about four miles inland.
An almost textbook landing; by midnight, 23,250 troops were ashore, with under 200 casualties. The US airborne divisions suffered 2,499 casualties, including 338 killed.