Anniversary of D-Day Contribution

Welcome to the D-Day Contributors page

In this section you may;

  • Add an event or location
  • View a listing of your uploaded submissions
  • Get in contact
  • Log Out

If you have any queries on how to use this section please get in contact with us.

We suggest you type out your text in a Word document or similar and paste it onto the form on our website, as a precaution in case it does not upload successfully the first time.

Publishing a D-Day Anniversary Event

By clicking ADD EVENT you will be taken to an entry form to enter the details of your event. It is important that you have the following details ready.

  • Name and details of the event
  • Date and Time of the event
  • Location (you will need to plot the location)
  • Add images for the event

Once you have submitted your entry you will be able to Preview and then Edit the event should you wish. The entry will then be sent for moderation before it will be made live on the public listings. The event will be automatically removed once it has taken place: you do not need to remove it from this listing.

Publishing a D-Day on your Doorstep Location

By clicking ADD LOCATION you will be taken to an entry form to enter the details of your historical D-Day location (sites within the UK only). Please see the D-Day on your Doorstep section of our website for examples of the entries for other locations that have already been added. We would be grateful if you can write a paragraph or two of text describing the history associated with the site, which will be of interest to other website users.