How to use the D-Day Anniversary Events Listing

The site is free for anyone either hosting or searching for D-Day Anniversary events.


Searching for an Event

If you are searching for events you can use the search facilities on this events page >

Registering an Event

Firstly you will need to login to use this site.

Registration is free and quick. We just need you to input your email address and enter a password. You may register here >

You will then be sent an email which will ask you to click on a link which verifies your email address. You will also be sent another email with a reminder of your login details and the link on where to enter your Anniversary Events.


Once logged in you can then input your events by completing this event form >. Please fill in as many of the fields as possible to ensure that browsers can find your event and also find out as much detail as possible. The event will be automatically removed once it has taken place: you do not need to remove it from this listing.